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The Golden Rule

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School Discipline

At Russell Lea Infants' School we encourage all students to:

  • Behave in a responsible, polite and courteous manner;
  • Respect themselves, parents, teachers and peers;
  • Be co-operative and play safely at all times;
  • Consider others and show self-discipline;
  • Always try to do their best work;
  • Be honest and truthful;
  • Work towards independent learning;
  • Observe the school safety rules;
  • Wear the school uniform;
  • Respect the National flag, Anthem and Emblems; and
  • Respect and care for the school environment, school property and the property of others

Russell Lea Infants School is committed to creating a safe, harmonious and productive environment for students, teachers and parents. Teachers work with students to:

  • Identify what constitutes bullying behaviour;
  • Acknowledge that bullying behaviours affect all societies and that the school can make a difference;
  • Recognises that individual behaviours may affect a group and that a group has the power to have a positive influence on another individual; and
  • Develop strategies to encourage and support children, teachers and parents in adopting positive behaviour to deal with bullying.

Any inappropriate behaviour that impacts on the teaching and learning programs of the school and interferes with the wellbeing of students and adults cannot be accepted. It is the responsibility of all parties ie. students, parents and teachers.